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Your child's confidence allows them to approach new situations positively.

Grace and Courtesy

Giving your child the tools to positively communicate with their community.


The love you offer your child will be reflected in their relationships outside of the family.

Baby's first steps.The first independent steps..jpg


Citezen of the World

  Supporting your child's path to independence in  a thoughtful manner allows the child to reach their full potential.

Your child is boundless in their ability to love and respect all the world.

Love of Learning

Opening your child's mind to the wonder and joy of new concepts.

The Montessori Philosophy

The following description is from Association Montessori Internationale USA (AMI USA):

"The Montessori method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori who was the first female, Italian physician. Dr. Montessori developed this approach through the scientific observation of children all over the world. Through her observations, Dr. Montessori found consistent, naturally developing tendencies and characteristics that would serve as the foundation for the creation of optimally prepared environments that would encourage and support the realization of childrens’ full potential.


Every teaching method, however, sparks moments of learning. Then why is Montessori so different? The difference is the method itself. The mind of a child is like a sponge—absorbing everything, always at the ready to learn something new. The primary goal of Montessori education? To turn that spark into a lifelong flame.

Imagine a school…

where education is viewed not just as a means to an end, but as an aid to life; where the method for learning comes not from a curriculum, but from the natural development of your child; a place where creativity, innovation, and individuality are valued as much as concentration, motivation, and persistence; where your child is not just a student, but also a teacher."

If you would like to know more about Montessori and the role that AMI USA plays in maintaining standards in schools, you can learn more on their website: 


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