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hor·​me  hȯr(ˌ)mē: 

vital energy as an urge to purposive activity

The Horme Studio is a space where caregivers and young children can spend time together in a Montessori environment, learning and exploring together.  The Horme Studio is filled with Montessori materials that your child is free to explore and encouraged to engage with. This time is open to any and all Montessori questions.  Learn about the benefit of Montessori in real time while your child engages with the environment.


Serving the community of Santa Fe, NM


The Montessori

The Montessori playgroup is held in a carefully curated space for children who are crawling to 36 months old.  Activities include opportunities to acquire and refine gross and fine motor skills,  language activities for building vocabulary for spoken language and for understanding the world around them, and practical life activities that allow them to care for themselves and the space around them with things such as wipes to clean their face and dusters to dust shelves.  Along with these physical activities, the time spent around other children opens the door to learning new social skills!

8-week Session Fridays (April 12th - June 7th)

* no class 5/3/24

from 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Drop in for a class during the above sessions

(pre-registration is required).

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