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The Microschool

The Horme Montessori Microschool is an intentional space designed for nurturing the spirit of the young child in a Montessori prepared environment.  Designed for a small group setting it allows for more intimate and personal connections between the adult and the child.


Horme Montessori Programs

Horme Montessori Microschool is a prepared environment for children 12 mos and walking to 36 months.  The prepared environment contains activities that call to the young child's developmental needs and interests. The areas you will find include Practical Life, Psycho-Sensory Motor (gross and fine motor development), Language, and outdoor play.  

Horme Montessori Schedule and Tuition

Horme Montessori has an 11-month schedule, August through June with a Monday through Thursday weekly schedule.  There is a part-time or full-time option.

Part-time - 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • $10,500/yr

  • $975/mos

Full-Time -  8 am - 4 pm 

  • $15,500/yr

  • $1425/mos


Horme Montessori Owner and Guide


Julia O'Hara is the owner and the guide in the prepared environment.  Julia holds AMI Montessori certification in both Assistants to Infancy (0 - 3 yr olds) and Primary (3 - 6 yr olds) and has worked in Montessori settings for 15 years. 

Julia loves working with children and wanted to create a space that was a model of what Maria Montessori described as the "Casa dei Bambini" - The Children's House.  Julia strives to create a nurturing home setting to ease young children into one of their first care settings outside of their own homes.  

Along with running The Horme Montessori Microschool, Julia also facilitates classes for families and their children, is a Peace Program Facilitator, is a master trainer for early childhood continuing education in New Mexico, and is pursuing her certification to be a Montessori Instructor, training other teachers to be Montessori guides. 


She lives with her husband, Frank,  and two dogs, Shoshana and Marie Antoinette, and loves to camp and crochet - ideally, both at the same time.

Learn more about enrolling at Horme Montessori Microschool

Are you interested in learning more about Horme Montessori Microschool?  Send a message to learn more and schedule a tour.


Horme Montessori Values

Horme Montessori believes that all people learn best through experience.  From that standpoint, the Microschool and Studio are learning spaces for children as they auto-educate and for caregivers as they learn more about the children in their care and how to meet each child’s individual needs.  


We value

  • Community - building a cohesive group to work alongside, celebrate our successes together, and support each other through life's challenges.

  • Openmindedness - approach each day and interaction from a point of hearing and experiencing other truths

  • Humanity - recognizing our connection from the very foundation, our humanness., we are interconnected in this world.

  • Respect - treating others not just how we want to be treated, but also seeking out and embracing how they want to be treated.

  • Integrity - to make the choice that benefits all whether we are asked to or not.

  • Courage - to do the right thing, even though we know it will be hard.

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