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Toilet Awareness

Using the principles of Montessori philosophy to
guide your child through toilet training

Maybe you know you and your child are ready to transition from diapers to underwear, but you have no idea where to start.  Or, you've already tried to start several times but it just isn't working.  After watching all your friends and family get through the toilet training stage, you're feeling like you're the only one that can’t figure this out.  You want a real person to guide you and support you through this process.  Someone that will support you and your child where you are in the process and provide an individualized approach.​

After toilet training children in the Montessori environment over the years, I have worked with many parents and children as they navigate through this process of transitioning away from diapers.  Using the Montessori principles of respecting and trusting the child, setting up children for independence, and encouraging children to build their self-confidence through experience, I will meet you and your child where you are in the process and formulate a solution that will work for you and your family.  We will meet weekly to set goals and troubleshoot through any problems that may arise within the transition process​.

Toilet training doesn’t have to be a power struggle.  If you're tired of the stickers, treats, and bribes that aren’t working or aren't in line with your parenting philosophy, reach out.  Let’s make a plan that will not only guide your child through this major milestone but will also show you the joy that independence can bring your child.


$25/question via email


$35/hr. with a minimum commitment of 4 hours (4 meetings)

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