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The Prepared Adult

Guiding caregivers as they implement Montessori philosophy into their approach to the child

With so much to read out there on the subject of Montessori, it can be difficult to implement the methods when inevitably something comes up that isn’t in the books!​ How are you supposed to know what to do? After watching videos and reading blogs, your problem seems unique (and it is!), and you can’t find advice as to what to do next​.  What if there was a real person you could talk to?  Someone that could help you walk through your unique home and family situation to help guide you for the best solution to your questions?

With over 15 years of working with children and families, I have learned how to assess each family’s unique lifestyle to come up with a solution to best implement the Montessori philosophy in their home.  Holding an AMI Certificate for both Assistants to Infants (prenatal - 3) and Primary (ages 2.5 - 6), and having 10+ years of experience in Montessori classrooms, I bring both knowledge and experience to the table to help you navigate through the Montessori approach to raising children.

Montessori is more than just the activities and how you arrange your home, it is a way to meet children with respect and dignity.  When you don’t know how to solve a problem to meet your child’s needs, I am here to listen and guide you to a solution that makes everyone feel their needs are being met, leading to a more peaceful family life.


$25/question via email

$35/hr per 30 min Zoom meeting

$100/hr in person (within 35 miles of 87010)

     * includes a recap email of the visit and a follow-up 2 weeks later via email or Zoom

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