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The Prepared Home

Setting up your home environment for your
newborn - 6 yr child's growth into independence.

So many beautiful rooms on Instagram and Pinterest, how do I make it fit MY home?  Everything so beautifully coordinated, how can I afford to set up my home to look like this?  I can guide you through why a Montessori environment is set up in a particular way so that you can start to apply that to your home in a way that works for your homes limits and your families routines​

After creating Montessori environments in several schools and guiding countless families in varying ways on how they can support their child’s independence at home, I have both knowledge and experience in arranging Montessori environments.  Using the Montessori principles of freedom of movement and independence, I will guide you through arranging a home environment that meets your child’s needs, the limitations of your home, and your family routine.  We will meet through Zoom to discuss your needs and limits.  You will provide photos of the area you would like guidance on along with measurements.  I will provide you with a design for you to implement, along with a resource list for any items we discuss adding into the environment.  


Providing an environment that responds to the developmental stages of your child, allowing for the maximum amount of age-appropriate independence will not only build your child’s self-confidence but will allow for a more collaborative and peaceful family.  Reach out and let’s discuss how I can help your family.


$25/question via email


$125 per room includes:

  • Layout for the room 

  • A resource list for additional items desired

  • Three 1 hr meetings for developing a layout, troubleshooting, and follow-up

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