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Agreement for Participating at
The Horme Studio

Below you will find our rules and expectations for participating at The Horme Studio.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions regarding any of these points.  

Bookings Rules

Going to be absent? Members are required to email the studio at least 24hrs in advance to receive a make-up for that class. Letting us know you’ll be absent allows another child to come and enjoy the Studio in your place.


How do make-ups work? If you are absent due to sickness and have followed the 24hr policy, you will be invited to make up that session during one of the “drop-in” classes on Sundays. You have 30 days after the absence in which to participate in your make-up session.


Siblings? Other than infants, siblings are not allowed on the gym floor unless they are enrolled in the proper age-appropriate class. You’re welcome to wear, sling, or wrap an infant while your enrolled child participates. If you would like to enroll 2 or more children in the same class, contact Julia via email to ensure availability.

Sick Policy

We love sharing – just not germs. If you feel ill in any way, please stay home and get well soon! Let us know you will not be attending class by emailing Julia.


If you or your child show signs of illness during class, we will kindly ask you to return another day. We appreciate your compliance.

Ensuring Saftey

Although accidents are rare, all physical programs have an inherent risk. We take great care in designing our curriculum and studio set up to be as safe as possible. Your help in following all safety policies and in-class safety announcements will maximize your child’s safety while at The Horme Studio.


When participating in class, children go barefoot and parents are required to wear socks. If you happen to forget your socks, they may be purchased a pair for $2 upon arrival.


Parents/caregivers are responsible for constantly supervising their children during parent-participation classes. Always be within arm’s reach or less of your child and ready to assist as your little one explores the studio and activities.


Please wash your hands or use sanitizer before engaging with the studio and when you leave.


We encourage you to take pictures (use #thehormestudio to tag us!), but please be mindful to take photos/videos of only your child.

Food Policy

Water is permitted to be consumed while in the studio.  When you or your child is drinking water, we ask that you stay seated as we are setting an example for the child.  We also ask that you have your child seated while they drink water in an effort to keep the materials from getting damaged.  If your child is struggling with sitting or standing in one place while drinking, please take them outside so they may move while they drink water

No food is allowed to be eaten in the studio, for adults or children.  Please be sure to have a snack before arriving if you think your child may be hungry and have a snack on hand for after in case they get hungry during their time.  If your child becomes very hungry, please take them outside to eat.

Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding may be done in the designated nursing chair.  

Community Building

This is a safe learning space for both children and adults.  In the event that conflict arises, as is to be expected with young children learning the social dynamics of our culture, we are here to help them solve the problem.  

When a child wants an activity already in use - the child who is using it is encouraged to use the activity as long as they are interested.  The other child who is interested will need to wait until the activity is back on the shelf.  Julia or the child's accompanying adult will encourage the child without an activity to engage in something else that is available on the shelf.

When two children are arguing over an activity - when children are arguing over an activity, Julia or the children's accompanying adults will step in and calmly state that this activity is no longer available at the moment.  We will encourage them to each pick something different and try again later.  This is different from when a child is attempting to take an already in-use activity.  In this instance, the child trying to take the activity away will be gently walked away and aided in finding another activity to use.

What to do when a child hits/bites - Hitting and biting are very common in pre-verbal and children with limited vocabulary.  When a child hits another child, Julia or the accompanying adults will set an example of how to care for each other.  This will include asking the child who has been hit if they are okay and if they need a hug or not, and asking them what they would like to do next.  The child that has hit another will be told that they may not hit anyone and redirected.  If there is continued hitting from the same child, they will be asked to leave and join again another day.  Often, a child who is hitting frequently may have something going on we are not aware of: hungry, tired, getting sick, or overstimulated.  Being that this is a learning environment, we want to give children the opportunity to try again and experience success.  

When to interrupt a child - There are three instances in which a child will be interrupted while in the studio: when they are being dangerous, when they are being destructive, or when they are being disruptive to the other children.  In these instances, Julia or the child's accompanying adult will redirect them to something that they may do in the space.  

I Agree
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