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What the Heck is a Topponcino?

Well, a topponcino might be my very favorite accessory for a newborn. But, that doesn’t really explain what it is!

A topponcino is a thin mattress used for transporting the newborn more easily between people and places in the home.

Let me break down why I love the topponcino so much:

First, I love that the topponcino acts as a point of reference for the newborn. This new human that is in this very different and very strange new environment has no connection yet to the outside world besides the mother. The newborn has no memory to draw on as a way to know where they are or if they are safe. When used consistently, the topponcino becomes

the first thing apart from the parents that the newborn can consistently rely on as familiar.

So, why is this so important?

As the newborn is being exposed to new family members coming to visit and new surroundings, particularly in our on the go culture, the topponcino is a way for the newborn to feel safe and secure because no matter who they are with or where they are, they have their topponcino that is a consistent, familiar space.

Another thing that is wonderful about the topponcino is that it creates a smoother transition from one palace to the other, whether that is from one room to the other or from one person to the other.

The newborn is very sensitive to touch and smell. With the support and comfort of the topponcino acting as padding and protection, it eases the transition and softens the touch on the newborn’s body. It also is a familiar smell that can help as the newborn goes from place to place and person to person that has unfamiliar smells.

And what is probably my favorite thing about the topponcino is hte sense of security it offers to the adult hold the newborn. I have always been so nervous around newborns and holding newborns. They are so tiny and so sensitive and this always leaves me feeling uncomfortable holding them.

Enter the topponcino. The extra padding of the topponcino creates an easier surface to hold those tiny newborns. Having the topponcino is extra security that we the adults won’t hurt the baby accidentally, making nervous relatives feel more confident in hold the new family member.

The topponcino is also wonderful for bringing outdoors when the weather is nice. Again, the familiarity the newborn develops with the topponcino makes for a much more confident trip outdoors. It can also be used for tummy time outside. The extra padding the topponcino offers over a blanket allows the baby to feel much more comfortable outside on their tummy.

The topponcino is made of a mattress and a sham. The sham can be easily removed to be washed frequently and you may even have multiple shams so that you are not dependent on the laundry cycle to continue using the topponcino.

If you would like to learn more about the topponcino, you can check out this site to read more. You can also head over to Handmade Montessori to get a pattern to make your own or check out Etsy to purchase one if you are not so confident in your crafting skills. Keep in mind when either making or purchasing a topponcino that you pick muted colors and patterns so as not to overwhelm the newborns developing vision.

A topponcino would make an amazing baby shower gift for a friend or relative that is expecting or a great addition to your nursery for your little one!

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