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Postpartum Doula: Mothering the Mother

Bringing a newborn home is thrilling, fulfilling, and exhausting.  As families are living further and further apart, more and more pressure is being placed on new mothers to do everything alone, all with a  rosy glow.  These unrealistic expectations are taking us further and further away from the age-old traditions of women helping women during the symbiotic period, the time when mother and baby are united in the transition of life inside the womb to life outside in the world.  Along with the development of the bond between the mother and the new child, this is also a period of great transformation as the woman becomes the mother. 

Doulas have long been present by women's sides as they make the leap from woman to mother.  Family and friends would gather around the new mother and support her while she reconnects with her new child, developing a new connection face to face. 


As your doula, I will come in and support your new family as you focus your energy on bonding with your new child.  I will check in with how you are adjusting to the new roles and guide you to any resources that might be needed.   I will support you as you gain confidence in your parenting abilities.  I will bring you a cup of tea so you can enjoy your time with your newborn.  

If you would like to learn more about how I can support you and your family as your transition into life with your newborn at home, contact me so we can further discuss the needs of your family. 

Service Areas:

* Santa Fe, NM and surrounding areas

* Virtual Doula Service

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